At AVG Partners, General Partner Arnold Schlesinger helps the company conduct real estate deals for retail, big box, light industrial, hotel, and office properties. The company, which he cofounded, possesses strong capital reserves that allow it to be extremely flexible in terms of deal structure. Arnold Schlesinger himself also participates in major real estate transactions, both as an individual and together with his wife in their capacity as trustees of the Schlesinger Living Trust.Over the past several years, Arnold Schlesinger and his trusts have been particularly active in real estate deals with The Kroger Co., the supermarket chain. In 2009, he participated in a transaction involving remainderman interest in 11 Kroger locations covering more than 650,000 square feet of retail space in three states. The properties involved in the deal included 136 W. Belmont Drive SW in Calhoun, Georgia; 2020 Mallory Lane in Franklin, Tennessee; and 6678 Covington Highway in Lithonia, Georgia. Krociko Acquisition Company, LLC, was also a party to the transaction.Arnold Schlesinger has participated in deals outside of the supermarket industry as well. In 2009, he and the Schlesinger Living Trust worked with Bellambert Member, LLC, on a deal involving a nearly 500,000-square-foot warehouse in Orlando, Florida, leased by Daimler Chrysler Corp. In the same year, he and his trust worked with NES Mira Loma, LLC, to conclude a deal for a 44-acre, 814,000-square-foot distribution center in use by Nestlé. Outside of real estate, Arnold Schlesinger makes regular contributions to charity. He has given to both Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Ariel University Hospital. His impact on the Ariel University Center of Samaria has been large enough that, in 2010, it dedicated The Schlesinger Family Medical Radiation Protection and Research Center in his honor.


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